About QA and Me

My story about QA

Hi there! My name is Maria, and I am a QA!

Last year I decided to start my path in QA with courses. Although I knew it would be complicated and time-consuming, I estimated the possibility of covering a narrow specialty on my own.  I was aware of the existence of A1QA and decided to take the courses. I found out that the company has an academy where you can get the necessary knowledge and skills. The decision was not long in coming — I made an application on the website when the administrators immediately contacted me and offered a schedule that would be convenient for me. We have discussed all the issues, and I got the answers to all my questions.

In a couple of weeks before the beginning of training, I got logic puzzles in my mail. I was impressed! Thus, together with my family and friends, I trained my brain.

The administrators were very helpful; they helped to deal with difficulties to get used to, and explained everything in detail, both before the training and during studying.

I truly appreciate our coach Andrew — a person who has been with us from the very beginning and remains to this day. The knowledge that we have is only his merit. He taught me something that I previously had a minimal idea of and made us feel comfortable in work via no additional materials. Andrew had a response to all questions. J He is sincerely happy for his ex-students when they start working in QA, and, what matters, always supports them. He believes that there no bad students — they are all peculiar and talented. 

After completing the QA training, I am going to continue my journey in testing, as this is only the beginning of the path.

I am very grateful to everyone who takes part in the organization of such kind of courses and learning classes. Indeed, for many people changing the field of activity is a difficult barrier to pass, taking into account the fact that the original one does not relate to the profession of a tester you apply. However, having got the constant support from the academy team, you feel 100% confident in your capabilities. Everything is up to you!

I strongly recommend everyone to start learning QA. Have no fear, and do not underestimate your capabilities. I mean it! Leaving a request on the education website is already a step towards success. Have you overcome yourself so far? If you are ready to absorb knowledge like a sponge, they will teach you everything else!