My 3 personal rules for QA

In my opinion, the first rule for everyone who is a QA engineer is to be aware of the product you are developing. In other words, to know how and why it works — from the inside. How do customers use it — from the outside. It allows me to conduct a practical dialogue with programmers about the subject and reasons for auto testing and technical solutions suitable for us. Besides, it enables me to conduct a rational dialogue with trade managers.

The second rule is not to be afraid. The second rule is not to be afraid. Specifically, if you are not working in your native language: for instance, some Russian – speaking specialists may miss the necessary discussions, as they are scared to speak English with mistakes. In the meantime, in Russian – speaking groups, some people have a fear that their ideas may seem ridiculous. However, there cannot be foolish or ridiculous suggestions. QA engineers prefer to stay “ghosts” and avoid defending their point of view in front of active and ambitious developers. A piece of advice is to overcome your fear: it is natural to discuss work issues, find better solutions, and admit your mistakes. Helping to implement good ideas is better than becoming a ghost.

The third rule is to love what you do and find positive in what you do. Happiness is an engine for development. At some point, I started asking myself: “What am I doing in IT at all? Things are so complicated here. I wish I could plant flowers.” That was the period of my professional stagnation. Now, I know that there are amazing people around me. There is an opportunity to work with technologies. There are different directions of development. My work is well – paid and open up for new horizons. Over the past two or three years, I have travelled a lot in Russia, Holland, Czech Republic, America, and Asian countries. All the mentioned opportunities make my job worth love.

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