My growth to Middle QA Engineer

My way to Middle QA Engineer was longer than I expected. The common mistake was to work for the same company. That was my first job, and, at some point, I just stopped developing. In my work, I regularly used the same skills. They say that growth occurs “through the pain.” We need to change companies, projects, and tech stack every 2-4 years. Although a new job, a new project is always stressful for me, I am sure that this stress pushes me ahead.  Each company has its workflow with tons of original information, and, therefore, every recipient will get educated. 

So, how do I become a QA engineer? First, my advice would be to get acquainted with the theory of testing. To pass the ISTQB — certification of testers, you have to master numerous theoretical aspects related to software development and quality control. Why? Initially, it will give you a clear understanding of the profession, enabling you to plan what to start the first working day. Then, it will provide you with confidence and solidity during the interview, as you will be able to operate with terms and concepts freely. Moreover, your determination and a serious approach to work will help you to avoid the employer prejudgment and compensate for lack of experience. Your preparatory work won’t go unnoticed.

In the meantime, it is necessary to improve your English, even working in the Russian market. This benefit will give you a head start since the best IT resources on the Internet are in English. You can process the materials, originally in Russian, only in English. As a result, the search engine comes up with more advanced methods. The proverb says, “The one who owns the information, owns the world.” Nowadays the growing number of companies allow people to come into their laptops and use them to solve test problems.

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