My life in Czech Startap

Here and now, I have a contract with a Czech company. We help the developers of an English IT company to improve their video platform, actively used by the major TV networks in the UK. At the time I came to this project, it turned out that the company had never had a QA. Therefore, I had to build my workflow into the already existing ones so that everyone would benefit from it. Looking back and putting off the modesty, I would say it was good. Initially, the developers couldn’t see the point of my presence here at all. By now, they regularly write with a request to look through their work or run autotests written by QA on their code branches, and note how convenient and fast it is. 

When things went too intense, the company decided to invite a second QA engineer to the team. Lucky for me, she proved to be a great professional, and, together, we did a great job on test automation. We improved the integration autotests in the product code, created automatic end-to-end testing of Use Cases that are strategically important for customers from scratch, and integrated them into Jenkins. Though the latter required some developer skills, we succeeded in dealing with that as well.  

My lifestyle is very comfortable. There are some online meetings with the team where my presence is obligatory but scheduled mainly once a day. Otherwise, I have got some daily tasks, most often set by myself, so it is up to me to choose at what time during the day to do them. The main point is to stay in touch with my team for urgent issues. In this regard, I use a corporate messenger on my phone. Regardless, I try to work at about the same time every day. Self-discipline, scheduling, and daily routine organization are crucial for remote work because otherwise, you risk reducing the efficiency of your work.

The people who I work with are infinitely polite and helpful. They consider friendly relations in the team to be a key element of working days. Over three years, I have never caught a hint of irritation. Instead of looking for someone to blame, the team members think of how to deal with the situation together. However, the point is not to take advantage of somebody’s generosity. Periodically, the company carries out the optimization of the budget, resources, etc. Then, if you do your work improperly, be aware of the fact that ineffective employees will leave the team faster.

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