My path to remote work

The message refers to people who have been in IT for many years. In the case of moving to other cities or going abroad, I decided to transfer to remote work.  This way of work allows us to look for work.

I try to get to know people, especially those who are working on a contract as someday it may come in useful to each other.

English is compulsory. Even if it isn’t perfect and a person makes mistakes, that is still okay. Start your work on IT tasks, do it well, and soon your weak points in English will remain in the background. There is nothing better for your English improvement than daily communication. After a year of working with my Russian-speaking colleagues, I started to think in English. 

I did not keep the list my colleague gave me then, but I can recall that Glassdoor was there. More experienced professionals may use Toptal. You have to understand that the point of your first interview for remote work is to test your English level.

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