Preasure Testing Services

Fluid and Gas Pressure Testing Services

SGS MIS Testing can currently offer an extensive range of both Fluid (up to 5,000 bar) and gas (up to 500 bar) pressure testing services including:

  • Proof load pressure testing and burst pressure testing to destruction.
  • Fluid pressure testing using for example mineral oil, water, water glycol, 95/5 high water based hydraulic fluid.
  • Pneumatic/Gas pressure testing using for example compressed air, Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen.
  • Component suitability testing.
  • Both Elevated Temperature and Sub Zero Temperature pressure testing.
  • Both long and short term Research and Development projects.
  • Component crush testing.
  • Cyclic pressure testing.

Our expertise allows us to facilitate System designs and offer confidential testing advice on bespoke test programs individually tailored to our client requirements.  We utilise fully coded welding services for all of our test equipment.  We are also able at request to offer Electrical control panel design and manufacture.

We are able to tailor all testing and reporting to suit individual client requirements including:

  • Static photography and Video recordings.
  • Client witnessing in safe environments.
  • Digital Pressure / Temperature reports.
  • Pressure / Time graphs.
  • Cyclic Pressure graphs.
  • Post test analysis and advice.

Testing can be carried out on a wide range of components including:

  • Tubes, Pipes and Fittings.
  • Finish machined components.
  • Pressure vessels and Cylinders.
  • Fibre Optic cables.
  • Solenoid components.