Common mistakes that occur in test planning and automated testing

Newbies 🙂 always try to act in a template way: reading something and learning in a one-to-one ratio. However, this ratio does not work well, so, frankly speaking, I feel annoyed with the feeling that I may be an unremarkable specialist. Thus, it is quite essential to be flexible, being able to adapt your templates to a particular project and its team.

Your current projects have enough brief checklist test plans to complete the required tasks efficiently and on time? Great!  There is no need to exhaust yourself with tedious work, filling out a test plan according to a template with every step spelled out to the smallest detail.

A perfect solution is a practice — start automated testing on a real project with your colleagues’ support. You cannot sit at home reading the theory of Selenium in the evenings and think that you are ready to go to the interview. The beginner risks of being stuck in this for a long time, as mastering the techniques of writing autotests alone requires proper motivation and strict self-discipline.

Most commonly, these beginners disappear the next day, when a kitten nearby suddenly asks to play, and a friend sends funny pictures via social networks.

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